A Walk In The Woods, Digging The Georges River Canal, Thinking About Alewives

Tucked into a clearing where Route 90 crosses the Georges River, in Warren, is little Payson Park, where local moms bring their kids to play. Cross the river on the footbridge and take a walk into history, along an almost forgotten man-made waterway that was begun in 1794 and was operated for a number of […]

Baseball, Fishing, and Radio — The Trifecta That Brought Me And Ted Williams Together

Fishing and baseball. Their seasons are aligned almost perfectly. Opening Day arrives at Fenway Park and Upper Dam in April, a few days apart. The Red Sox season just ended, in October; fishing continues at the Dam through the Sox-less World Series and Thanksgiving, for the angler who doesn’t mind flirting with frostbite. At camp […]

Add a New Twist To Your Flyfishing — With An Old Twist: Angle With Silk

Time was, silk fly lines were made in Rangeley, Maine. In the wonderful Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum, in Oquossoc, there is a contraption that braided silk lines. I got a demonstration of the thing from the man who restored it to use. I stopped in the other day to ask Executive Director Bill Pierce the man’s […]

Foreign Entanglements III — The Crazy French Doctor, and Flyfishing for Asps in Saddam’s Moat

In the first installment of the Foreign Entanglements series I related that I was inspired to try to go trout fishing in Afghanistan in 1987, despite the Soviet occupation of the country, upon hearing rumors that a “crazy French doctor” did exactly that every year. A few years ago I wrote about my failed attempt […]